Startup Invest

A new investment framework combining 3 innovative programs to nurture a solid and dynamic Venture Capital ecosystem

  • The Fund of Funds

    Up to 100 million Euros to invest in 13+ VC funds

  • The GP Incubator

    Incubating emerging fund managers to propel tomorrow’s VC ecosystem

  • The Guarantee Program

    Aligning the interests of entrepreneurs and investors to allow good failure schemes

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All the details about our Fund of Funds dedicated to investing in startups and everything you need to know to join us

Startup Act

An innovative legal framework to promote the creation of successful startups in Tunisia.

The Startup Act is based on a mark of merit and a series of benefits and incentives for Entrepreneurs, Startups and Investors.

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Echoes from the startup constellation

Ad Tech and Creative Tech

Gloristory is a young Tunisian publishing house, specializing in the creation of committed and hybrid board games, which highlights various themes and raises awareness on current issues in a fun and i...

Commerce and shopping
Fantastic Mall

Fantastic Mall is a marketplace based on live-shopping and video-shopping. It is an e-commerce platform that connects sellers and customers in order to provide online sales and logistics services to o...