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These SSOs participate in the development of the ecosystem by providing complete and dedicated support programs for startups, connections and immersion in the innovation environment.



Betacube is a Tech Venture builder/startup studio that invests, builds, and grows B2B-based startups in Fintech and Mobility after teaming up with exceptional founders

Carthage Business Angels


Carthage Business Angels (CBA) is a non-profit organization. CBA is managing the entire value chain and Startups development by supporting and creating different programs and initiatives of ideation, incubation and acceleration.

Bee coworking space


A collaborative workspace based in Gabes since 2017, intended for startups, future entrepreneurs, civil society ect.. It support young entrepreneurs in their projects by providing them with advices, professional mentors and incubation processes.

CEED Tunisie


CEED Tunisia is a tunisian non-governmental and non-profit organization. It is a member of CEED's international network, which provides entrepreneurs with know-how, accompanies them in developing their businesses in emerging markets and promotes an entrepreneurial culture in society at large.



Connect'Innov is a support structure based in Tunisia, whose mission is to detect, support and promote innovation in the field of HealthTech, and in particular in E-Health, MedTech and BioTech (Health, Life Sciences and Well-being).



CoStarT is the Technological incubator of the Technopole of Sfax. It aims to create startups in the field of IT, digital and the development of scientific research through specific and personalized support programs.



Flat6Labs is a seed and accelerator venture capital firm in the MENA region. They manages the Anava Seed Fund, a seed fund focused on investing in companies with high growth potential within innovation-based industries.



Foundup, focuses on the development of entrepreneurs and soft skills. It develop and deliver customized programs depending on the need for entrepreneurs in different stages.



Kufanya is a social incubator that addresses the needs of migrants in their economic integration process through entrepreneurship.



The Laboratoire de l'Economie Sociale et Solidaire (Lab'ess) aims to support non-profit organizations and impact entrepreneurship as an emulator for inclusive and sustainable development.



MakerLab is a TechSpace that aims to promote technology among young people and provide them with the training and technological support needed to learn, prototype their project ideas and launch or improve their startups.

INCO Tunisie


Minassa is an incubator of the cultural and creative scene. It aims to support the creative and cultural industries in Tunisia. Minassa is a project led by INCO and supported by the Drosos Foundation.

Our Digital Future


Our Digital Future aims to contribute to the emergence of Tunisian technology startups based on scientific research and intellectual property



RedStart Tunisia is an accelerator of innovative SMEs and startups, it aims to strengthen cooperation between the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Europe and Africa.

Association Jeunes Leaders


Association Jeunes Leaders is an NGO that contributes to the economic integration of young people and women by encouraging innovative entrepreneurship.

Réseau Entreprendre Tunisie


Réseau Entreprendre Tunisie is a network established in 10 countries, through an accompaniment given by volunteer entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs with strong job creation potential



Wasabi is the structure behind the Afkar incubation programs for young Tunisian innovators wishing to develop innovative, impactful and sustainable projects.



Coworky is a friendly workspace for entrepreneurs, idea holders and startups in the Cap Bon region. Coworky provides incubation programs, support, and coaching.

Factory 619


Factory 619, supports startups in the early stage phase in the maturation of their projects through 100% operational, personalized programs, in phase with an internationalization logic.

Fondation Rambourg


The Rambourg Foundation aims to strengthen the players in the creative and cultural economy by raising awareness among decision-makers and the general public of the development and employability potential of the creative and cultural economy sector.

Hive 12


Hive12 is a co-working space, which has for vision the capacity building of the youth in the Sahel region trought support and incubation programs.

Level 1


LEVEL1 is an Anti-Café/Coworking Space, which aims to empower entrepreneurs and wanna-be entrepreneurs. Level1 launches its first incubator, POC'IT, in 2021 to help startups materialize the first version of their innovative solutions with high growth potential.

Novation City


Novation City's mission is to develop an innovation ecosystem in the mechatronics sector, to develop the synergy between education, research and industry, and to set up sustainable support and technical assistance programs for all the players in the ecosystem.

Open Startup Tunisia


Open Startup is a program dedicated to youth entrepreneurs including two intertwined initiatives, OST Pre-incubator and OSTX​. It's an organization driven by a unique community of change makers, supported by trainers, mentors and companies.

South Mediterrenean University Incubator


SMU Incubator is a 5-month incubation and coaching program for entrepreneurship.



Wiki Startup is the first private incubator/accelerator in Tunisia, created in 2011. Its mission is to support entrepreneurs, investors and public and private structures in developing their businesses.



MEDIANET is a technological incubator which supports project leaders in transforming an innovative idea into a successful company.



StartupGateX is a hybrid startup studio in the Africa and Middle East region. Its main mission is to ensure the launch and growth of local startups by giving them access to the foreign market and connecting them to their startups and entrepreneurs.

Hammamet Valley Hub


Hammamet Valley Hub offers an incubation and support program for innovative ideas and projects focused on tourism 2.0.

Digital Makers Hub


Digital Makers Hub is a support structure dedicated to creative digital projects and content creators.

Association Westerwelle Foundation


Westerwelle Startup Haus Tunis is offering resources, local and international expertise and global opportunities for entrepreneurs in downtown Tunis.

Yunus Social business Tunisia


Part of Yunus Social Business Network, Impact Partner provides financial and non-financial support for startups that have a positive impact on society and a high potential to create jobs.

Tunisian center for social entrepreneurship


Tunisian center for social entrepreneurship supports entrepreneurs and wanna-be entrepreneurs as well as support structures by providing them with the necessary environment and tools to encourage them to act and have an impact on the ecosystem.



Inclusive Incubator dedicated to women entrepreneurs. 1Kub  facilitates access to information, markets, and financing for women entrepreneurs based in the region. 1Kub aims to create a network of women who support women entrepreneurs in Africa and the MENA region. 1Kub is working to create an accelerator fund for women startups within a network of women business angels.



CSR is an inclusive support structure committed to being a catalyst for innovation in the entrepreneurial ecosystem and in the private sector in the North West region.
CSR contributes to the creation of a local dynamic and an environment conducive to development and innovation for entrepreneurs.



A coworking space that includes a digital web agency linked to a technology training and startup coaching center.
International Coach Startup is legally creating a new entity that will be dedicated solely to incubation (ENGAGE IN TECH).

Stecia International


Start-up incubator supporting internationalization and access to market. The accelerator offers consulting services in development strategy.



A non-profit association that aims to promote the entrepreneurial spirit, connecting the different actors of the ecosystem: entrepreneurs, investors, incubators, and incubators.
The objectives of Atuge is to create a bridge of dialogue and networking between the ecosystems of Paris and Tunis and to support young entrepreneurs in the realization of their projects

Pole de compétitivité de Gafsa  


The pole of competitiveness of Gafsa is the support structure for entrepreneurs in the southern region (Gafsa, Kebili, Sidi Bouzid, Tozeur and Kasserine). The structure aims to improve the regional and national industry by creating new businesses. The main gaol is to contribute to the development and creation of new enterprises on a regional scale.

Centre d'Affaires de Sfax CAS


The Business Center of Sfax CAS is a public institution under the authority of the Ministry of Industry and SMEs; accompanies more than 15,000 young entrepreneurs, the Center trains each year more than 600 entrepreneurs, it supports more than 1,200 promoters and creates more than 100 projects per year

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