About the instrument

DEAL is a grant for the launch of new programs to support startups up to 200k TND. DEAL will be granted to new programs that meet the eligibility criteria below and that justify an added value to the startups through the expertise provided, the chosen positioning or access to opportunities offered to all Tunisian startup founders taking into account gender or regional inclusion.

DEAL covers expenses for the purchase of goods and services from non-consultant and consultant services carried out in accordance with agreed procedures. The duration of the projects to be subsidized is 18 months maximum, which can be extended once by 6 months maximum in case of request of the beneficiary.

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Eligibility criteria
  • A Startup Tunisia Official Partner SSO (See Partner Network page)

  • Launching a new program: The program the SSO is applying with has never been launched before (brand, content, value proposition, etc.)

  • Repeatable over time: The program is not just an edition and has a perennial vision

The criteria for differentiating applications are as follows:

  • The added value of the program
  • The founding team and the skills of the Program Manager
  • The effort to connect the structure with other actors in the local or international ecosystem
  • The potential sustainability of the program (beyond DEAL)
  • Potential impact and key performance indicators

DEAL is a grant that can amount to 200 000 TND and which comes to finance the launch of new support programs that meet the expectations of startups.

DEAL provides the necessary support to SSOs in order to ensure high quality programs to startups in Tunisia and support them to find a stability of their business model.

Documents needed for your DEAL application :

  • An Excel document detailing the curriculum of your coaching program
  • A Pitch video in English or French
  • A presentation of your program: Pitch Deck
  • An Excel document of your business plan
  • Reference letter(s): from a supported startup, a funder, a partner or any other reference supporting your impact.

Find out if your program is eligible

A simple and fully online process

These steps ensure maximum transparency as well as an accurate and fair evaluation of all files received


  1. Call for Application

    The opening of applications on the portal

  2. Round 1

    Verification of eligibility criteria and completion by the program management team

  3. Round 2

    Scoring of applications by the selection committee

  4. Round 3

    Vote and deliberation following the pitch session by the selection committee

  5. Results

    Communication of results

    The announcement of the results is expected 3 months after the application