Startup Act

Designed to facilitate the launch and development of startups from Tunisia, this framework integrates 20 measures structured around a label of merit and many benefits to entrepreneurs, investors and startups.

The Startup Act is a legal framework built upon three main texts. It integrates 20 measures structured around a label of merit and benefits to entrepreneurs, investors and startups.
It is mainly materialized by : 
1. Law No. 2018-20 of April 17, 2018 relating to startups.
2. Decree No. 2018-840 of October 11, 2018 establishing the conditions, procedures and deadlines for granting and withdrawing the startup label and the benefit of incentives and advantages for startups and the organization, prerogatives and operating procedures of the labeling committee.
3. Circulars of the Central Bank of Tunisia No. 2019-01 and 2019-02.

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    Make sky-rocketing investments and leverage on the many incentives available to investors

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  3. Entrepreneurs Benefits to Entrepreneurs

    Thanks to the special features of the Startup Act, take it to the next level and get started

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