About the instrument

The Partner Network Affiliation confirms that the SSO aims to support startups in any of their creation or development stages, from launch to growth.

This includes startup incubators and accelerators. The Partner SSOs thus join the network of the Startup Tunisia initiative.

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Eligibility criteria
  • Existing legal entity in accordance with Tunisian legislation (Association or commercial company)
  • A dedicated team with expertise in supporting startups
  • Offering at least one support program exclusively for startups. This program must cover a duration of at least 3 months and be composed of a complete curriculum aimed at the good support brought to startups
  • Projected impact: Minimum of 10 projects supported per year
  • Sourcing: To be accessible and visible to all founders of startup projects or active startups seeking quality support according to their level of advancement
  • Access to funding: Access to Startup Ecosystem funding programs such as DEAL, SAIL, and all upcoming Startup Tunisia programs
  • Access to funding for your startups: Giving your supported startups a major advantage in accessing Flywheel's financial instruments such as AIR and AIR2
  • Promotion: Through the promotion initiatives of SSOs by the Startup Tunisia initiative locally or internationally.

The necessary elements for your SSO application:

  • An extract from the commercial register, dated less than 3 months 
  • Letter(s) of reference: from a supported startup, a funder, a partner or any other reference supporting your realized impact.

Find out if your program is eligible

A simple and fully online process

These steps ensure maximum transparency as well as an accurate and fair evaluation of all files received


  1. Call for Application

    The opening of applications on the portal

  2. Round 1

    Verification of eligibility criteria and completion by the program management team

  3. Round 2

    Scoring of applications by the selection committee

  4. Round 3

    Vote and deliberation following the pitch session by the selection committee

  5. Results

    Communication of results

    The announcement of the results is expected 3 months after the application