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About the instrument

Air² is a direct grant to startups in the SEED stage that prepares and supports them to raise larger funds to successfully execute their scale up and expansion plans. 
It acts as an investment readiness aid and grants between 150,000 and 200,000 TND.

This financial instrument is mixed. It is composed of 60% grant and 40% repayable advance.

The repayment of AIR², free of charge, without interest and without equity investment, is due only in case of effective growth of the supported startup. The success is evaluated on the realization of a raising of funds of type Series A (5x the amount of AIR²) or the achievement of a state of cash flow favorable to the refunding (5X the amount of AIR²).


AIR² is a very selective instrument and will be granted only to startups that have demonstrated strong growth potential and have begun the process of raising Series A funds (1 MDT).


A startup potentially benefiting from AIR² is a startup that justifies important achievements and progress on its product development and market access plan. This assistance would support it to reach KPIs (market access or product development) in order to facilitate the next planned fundraising above 1 MDT.

Eligibility criteria
  • The startup is an existing company with a legal activity in accordance with Tunisian legislation
  • The startup has already raised SEED funds (minimum 100kdt)
  • The candidate startup must not have a current RIA or RIA².
  • The startup is in serious discussions with investors for a Series A round with a clear roadmap until the Series A is raised. 
  • Eligibility document: A letter of intent for a Series A round (above $1M) signed by a potential investor.
  • Proven need for financial support
  • The startup has a clear plan for local and international expansion.
Scoring Grid
  • Innovation and scalability of the proposed project (0-5)
  • The achievements of the startup (progress, product development, go-to-market, traction,..) (0-5)
  • The deliverability of the team (0-5)
  • The relevance of AIR² for the preparation to the investment of the Startup (0-5)
  • The seriousness of the approach of prospecting of the investment funds for the realization of raising of funds (0-5)
  • Bonus point: will be encouraged the Statrups founded by a woman (+1) or stemming from and active in a disadvantaged interior region (+1)

A simple and fully online process

These steps ensure maximum transparency as well as an accurate and fair evaluation of all files received


  1. Call for Application

    The opening of applications on the portal

  2. Round 1

    Verification of eligibility criteria and completion by the program management team

  3. Round 2

    Scoring of applications by the selection committee

  4. Round 3

    Vote and deliberation following the pitch session by the selection committee

  5. Results

    Communication of results

    The announcement of the results is expected 3 months after the application 

Les éléments nécessaires à votre candidature AIR²

  • Un extrait du registre de commerce de la société, datant de moins de 3 mois.
  • Une vidéo démonstrative de votre solution / Produit en Anglais ou en Français de  3 minutes.
  • Une vidéo de Pitch en Français ou en Anglais de 3 minutes.
  • Une présentation de votre programme - Pitch Deck.
  • Les derniers états financiers de votre entreprise.
  • Lettre(s) d'intention d'investisseurs pour la prochaine levée de votre serie A ( supérieur à un 1 MDT)
  • Le business plan que vous utilisez pour votre levée série A.
  • Votre structure de coûts jusqu'à la prochaine levée de fonds et que vous souhaitez couvrir par AIR².

AIR2 Beneficiaries

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Support the development of Proof-of-Concept (POC) for early stage startups.

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