Here are the eligibility criteria required by the Fund of Funds

  1. Independence of the teams

    The management teams must be shareholders of their management companies in order to guarantee management independence and a good alignment of interests.

  2. Anchoring in Tunisia

    The management companies of the Seed Stage and Early Stage Funds must be under Tunisian law while the Late Stage Funds will have the requirement to open an office in Tunisia.

  3. Strategic Partner

    Requirement of a strategic partner for the Seed Stage and Early Stage Funds to allow an optimal know-how transfer and of the financed startups.

  4. Fund Matching

    The management company must justify its ability to complete its fundraising with evidence for fund matching (Letters of Intent, etc.).
    Competent teams and quality track record
    Competent teams with complementary profiles (entrepreneurs, investors, ecosystem, etc.) with ideally an international exposure and quality experience are appreciated. First Time Team | First Time Fund are encouraged.

  5. Legal form

    The management company must be of Tunisian law approved by the Financial Competent Market Council. For Late Stage Funds, the management company can be of foreign law provided that it has an office in Tunisia.

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