Here is the selection process put in place by the Fund of Funds

Selection and decision making
  1. Application

    If you are confident that you meet the eligibility criteria and wish to propose your investment fund to the Fund of Funds, follow this link to the application form.

  2. Deal Flow Committee

    Initial verification of the investment opportunity's compatibility with Smart Capital's environmental and social (ESG) procedure.
    Consideration of the suitability of the investment opportunity with Smart Capital's ESG procedure.
    Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Terrorist Financing (AMLATF) due diligence on the business relationship.

  3. Due diligence

    Sending the due diligence pack to the management team, including an ESG section, for completion
    In-depth analysis of the following aspects of the project: management team, investment strategy, past performance, nature of the deal flow, shareholding and governance of the management company, terms and conditions of the fund, positioning and competitive environment, ESG policy Decision to go to the investment committee

  4. Investment Committee

    Passage through the investment committee for approval of the file.

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