Alaya Bettaieb to La Presse: "Startup Act encourages young people to reveal their talents"

Published at
17 February 2022
General News

Financing remains the Achilles' heel of the startup ecosystem, an ecosystem that is in full swing despite its small size and its fragility increased by the crisis.
The fund of funds, "Anava", will certainly help to put startups in orbit, and this, thanks to investment funds appropriate to their size and phase of evolution. If 2021 was a year of structuring, the coming years will see the creation and implementation of several investment funds, says Alaya Bettaieb, CEO of Smart Capital.

Three years after the entry into force of the law "Startup Act", can we say that the program "Startup Tunisia" is on track to achieve its objectives?

Let's first recall that the objective of "Startup Tunisia" is to create, by 2024, 1,000 startups, 10 thousand jobs, a unicorn with the realization of a billion dinars of turnover. These goals should be achieved through the labeling program, which is the heart of the "Startup Act". The program started in April 2019. Since then, each month, about twenty startups are labeled and / or pre-labeled, among an average of fifty applications.