About the instrument

This instrument which amounts to 30 000 TND is composed of 60% grant and 40% refundable grant.

The repayment of AIR, free of charge, without interest and equity-free, is due only in case of effective growth of the supported Startup. Success is measured by the achievement of a seed fundraising (5x the amount of AIR) or the achievement of a cash flow favorable to the repayment (5X the amount of AIR).

Eligibility criteria
  • The startup is a legal entity already existing in accordance with the Tunisian legislation
  • The startup must not have any ongoing AIR support and its age must be less than 1 year
  • Have an experienced team with 2 fully committed members
  • The startup must be at the stage of development of the POC with technological and innovative character and have a strong potential of growth
  • The startup is participating in a POC development program led by a certified SSO (highly appreciated)

AIR is a grant that compensates for the lack of equity and business angels' funds for the very early-stage development of startups. It is a mixed aid composed of 60% grant and 40% reimbursable grant that covers the activities and expenses related to the purchase of goods and services (other than consultancy services) carried out in accordance with agreed procedures for any of the following activities:

  • The development of the Proof-of-concept, the first version of the technology solution
  • Prototyping: to take a product from the laboratory to a product that can meet a market need.
  • Market Assessment: Understanding the potential market for a technical product from a research organization.


AIR² is a support between 150 000 and 200 000 TND for startups having raised seed funds and working for a scale up and a Series A fund raising.

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