• Startup stipend:

    It is an allocation given to the co-founder and shareholder of a startup in launch to cover the life expenses for one (01) year. Its amount is indexed to the previous remuneration during the last 12 months for an employee and takes the form of a fixed indemnity for non-employees. The maximum amount of the bursary is 5k TND net/month and the minimum amount is 1k TND net/month.

  • Leave for Startup Creation:

    It is a leave of one (01) year renewable one (01) time granted to the co-founder of a startup to fully dedicate herself to the launch and development of her startup.

    The employer, public or private, cannot oppose the departure of the beneficiary of the leave (except in the case of a private employer employing less than 100 employees). The beneficiary of this leave may terminate it at any time and return to his or her original employment with a notice.

  • CIVP and employment programs:

    Any young graduate eligible for employment programs including the CIVP who creates her startup or joins a startup as an employee can keep this benefit and take advantage of it at the end of her relationship with the said startup and this within a period of three (03) years.

  • Good Failure:

    The Startup Act encourages good failure by promoting the amicable liquidation of startups through the combination of measures such as the Startup Guarantee Fund.

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